It is not uncommon to see children scavenging for food amongst the refuse that lines the streets. India has a 59% Literacy rate. Thousands are uneducated because their impoverished circumstances leave them no choice but to labor in fields, hotels and restaurants at a young age so that their families can survive. We support these individuals once a week by giving groceries and medicine. We call it the ‘Mercy Ministry’.

Medical Ministry

With most of India’s population living in villages with no medical facilities, thousands of people are left suffering without any medical treatment. For many, even if they had access to healthcare they would not be able to afford it. Children are living without immunizations against fatal diseases like polio, jaundice and malaria. Their need for health care is greater during monsoon season and after natural disasters, so we are committed to finding the villages that need attention and we send fully trained teams to give them free medical treatment. We are running 5 permanent medical clinics for the poor, regardless of their caste or religion. But Villages are desperate. Too many babies and mothers die, because they have no understanding or trained midwife accessible to them. We can save them. We can prevent them from dying.