Imagine being hit by a large moving vehicle. You are unable to move because of the pain. Your hopes lift as you see someone quickly moving towards you to help, but as they get closer you notice that their expression changes, instead of showing sympathetic concern, their face contorts in fear and disgust and they turn their back on you. They have recognized your condition, they have seen your toe-less feet and crippled fingers. To them you are untouchable.

As shocking as it seems this is a true example of a man in one of the leprosy villages we have built houses and toilets for. Now imagine how you would. feel after experiencing this total neglect to have a group of people regularly, lovingly coming to visit you to serve you food and to treat your wounds. We are doing all that we can in three communities of Lepers to give them a dignified life. They are now experiencing Jesus’ love in a tangible way.